TCS Buyback offer process

How to participate in tcs buyback offer. Any one tell me where to submit letter of tender of shares.

TCS will send across a circular with the tender details. Have a look at that along with this - Share buy back process in zerodha


If you are a shareholder of TCS, you will receive a Tender form to your registered email id from the Company’s RTA(Registrar and Transfer agents). The primary detail you need to fill in the form is the number of shares offered by you for the Buyback. An image of this portion of the form is shown below -

You can place a Bid for a minimum of 1 share to a maximum of the number of shares in your holding as of Record date.

Just mention the number of shares you wish to tender/offer for the Buyback and send a softcopy of this tender form in an email to ‘’.

Zerodha will transfer your offered shares to the RTA and will place your bid for Buyback. A Transaction Registration Slip(TRS) will be sent to you by Zerodha after placement of your bid which will include your bid details including bid quantity, bid rate and bid value. After allotment, if shares beyond eligible Buyback entitlement exceed your allotted quantity, it will be transferred back by the RTA to your Demat account.

The allotted Buyback amount will be credited directly to your bank account by the company’s RTA.