TCS Timeline for Completion of Buyback

Does anyone has any idea about the timeline for completion of TCS Buyback as I would also like to participate in the Wipro Buyback by selling my leftover TCS Shares. Thanks

TCS has not announced the schedule for Buyback, should do so in due course. Once the schedule for Buyback is announced same will be updated on Bulletin.

Thanks @ShubhS9. I thought that would be the case, hopefully we should have it by Saturday (RC Closure)

TCS record date for buyback is 28 November 2020 …based on past records of TCS , Infosys and Hcl tech Buyback start on 15 th day from Record date . if it so this time too , buyback should start around say 14 December and close around 28 December with payment by say 5 January .
Wipro buyback last time , record date was 21 June 2019 and it started from August 14 , 2019 means 54 days after record date …this time Record date is 11 December 2020.

TCS has revised settlement schedule for buyback . now result ( obligation download ) is 04 January 2021 and Settlement is 05 January 2021. one can expect payment by evening of 5 January 2021.