Team Zerodha, you slide new features without making any noise πŸ˜‹

So, a few weeks ago I (and probably many of us) requested widgets for Kite!
And bam! Team Zerodha has developed the first widget and slid it silently through an update without making any noise :heart_eyes: :fire:
I found this while I was searching for some other widgets, otherwise, I could never have found out about this widgetπŸ˜‚

PS: The amounts mentioned in the widgets are just representative. It’s not my portfolio :joy::joy:


wow! this is so cool.
How did find this ? Just randomly got over widgets menu ?
Such things must be informed before.


Yeah, I was searching for other widget.
Besides that, they didn’t mention about widget in the What’s New section of Play Store as well.
I thought, it’s just regular maintenance update and bug fixes :joy::joy::joy:


We now have Kite widget on Android only, one can opt it from tapping ’ i ’ button we get on long press on Kite app, chooose widget and add it, as shown below,



Kite widget can also be dedicatedly added from widgets menu on the homescreen of the device.
Choose widgets menu >> search for Kite and add it as shown below,




  1. Kite widget gives brief information about Total P&L, Invested and Current value, Today’s P&L only and gets updated once in an hour.
  2. One has to have active session on Kite App for this widget to work.

@siva , @Nakul
I found a bug on that widget,
The pic shows 45L investment and current value as 65.24L but PnL says 12.54K and not a value with L.
I understand that it’s for sample purpose, but still it has to be correct.

or in the pic its showing total Pnl and today’s pnl as the same thing.

The numbers on the screenshot are not real one, you can add it with your id and check. Widget just imitates Kite App’s holding page numbers.


Thank you Avinash ji for the detailed process of adding the widget✌🏽
I forgot to do so due the excitement about the widget :joy::joy:

positions P&L is missing in there. Good for F&O traders.


Cannot able to see this?