Technical Analysis for intraday

Do technical Analysis and Trend analysis work for intraday or strategy alone is enough for intraday?

Strategy comes from Technical analysis and trend analysis, they go on hands in hands, so both works for intraday.

You are mixing up vocabulary and concepts here.
Trend analysis is a part of Technical Analysis.

And strategy is much much wider concept. One can derive a “strategy” from TA, FA, Quant, Astro, gann etc.

So we need to know what you mean when you use these words.

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I am analysing DTF. and looking for buy trade in intraday.

After I took buy entry, price hit my SL and reach my target.

Heavy selling also happening in buy trend.

That is why I asked, TA useful for intraday of not?

trend analysis is a part of TA so, with the use of TA you can build your strategy

if your price always touch your SL then you have to make good S&R zone and work toward it
and never be emotional in trade it is a serious business so treat like that

happy trading

Daily Time Frame?

You haven’t explained how you look for buy trade. What’s the logic?

Common story of each and every trader.

Only TA is used for intraday everywhere.
There are only 2 types of financial market analysis - TA & FA.
Surely FA is useless for intraday. So TA is the only option.

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yes. 1 day chart

Thank you

Thank you.


If the market is trending. Using technical indicator, some signals will give you opportunity to just scalp few points while other will give you many points, depends on entry