Technical Analysis Practice Portal

Can you please come up with time lapse TA practice game with historical Data.
I can find only one such game portal

But it uses very limited historical data of only few scrips.
It will be of immense help to wannabe vijigishu traders.

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@NithinKamath @nithin
You can just add this functionality to Pi or Kite.
What we need is paper trading account with fixed virtual cash, historical Data, & ability to skip one candle at a time.
Another example is but it is not available for Indian Markets.

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Demo trading is on our list of many things to do at Zerodha. Hopefully sooner than later.

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Just to suggest, most ppl provide Real Time paper trading, which is time consuming.
Nobody means nobody provide Time Lapse TA practice trading.
It will be a game changer.
Consider the ratio of time saved, if supposed I time lapsed 250 trading days in say 1 hr.
that means saving of time in ratio 1 : 365*24!!!

@nithin @NithinKamath
It is possible you are developing Real Time Demo trading.
Which will be useless other than “demo” of Pi & Kite.
We want Time Lapse TA practice to hone skill & test strategies.
Please let this request reach to top most levels.

@Karthik (hoping you are famous Rangappa)
We need to practice after reading your theory.
(Please read my request to understand)

Since you know which clients are making money, perhaps you can study them and tell us if not specific rules atleast basic rules they follow. Example

whether they trade large/mid/small caps,
what is their risk to reward ration,
whether they trade with fixed targets or trail their stops,
whether they are day traders or swing traders,
what percent of their capital they risk per trade, etc…

basically clients who make money can be used as samples (which as a brokerage firm you have) and their trading outline can be shared. keeping these outlines in mind, a trader struggling in the market can make his own strategy and trade. Please consider. thanks

Already opentrade is there.
Do check!

@nithin @NithinKamath
Well I was researching about the above mentioned topic a bit.
You know how it is! You need to find and try various keywords to search on the net.
Well I found one which precisely describes what I meant.
“manually back test trading strategy”
(Just tagging you to share my joy.)

you have not understood my requirement. hence let’s leave it to Nithin.