Technical analysis vs fundamental analysis

For intraday trending is fundamental analysis required
How much important
If required then which part i have to analys??

Or technical analysis is enough for intraday trending???
Plz give your opinion? Thanks

dear investor,
for intraday trading, fundamental analysis is not at all important.
and coming to your second question: technical analysis is also not enough for intraday.

see, when intraday trading is considered, then remember the following:

what is stock market?
stock market is the game of unknown or future.

and we donot know the future always, right .

so, when it comes to intraday trading, the daily news of the morning is the most important for intraday trading.
even technical analysis done before that will not help much in this case, yes tech analysis helps in knowing the trend and is important for the same but the daily news along with tech analysis is the most important.
the future is unknown and the future can be seen for the day in the morning news for that particular stock.
but intraday trading according to me is not advisable as very few are profitable in that and the move has to be really big in the case of intraday trading. if you want to go for it, its your call.

good luck and happy investing to you.

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