Thanks to Zerodha for alerting us before EVENTS

I want to convey my sincere thanks to Zerodha on behalf of many traders and investors out there in the market. This is not just because you gave us a good platform to trade, not just because you are offering your invaluable services for lowest costs, not just for bringing up new features every day, not just for introducing many in-house and third party innovative products like sentinel, Sensibull, streak etc. but also for the main reason of your relentless effort in creating awareness among people out there in stock market with products like Varsity, tradingqna etc.

As part of that, your little effort of highlighting stock with the text “EVENT” before any major announcements truly helps small fishes in the market to be much more careful in entering into a stock.

Thanks again for your incessant help :slight_smile:

@siva @nithin


Yes, and the biggest benefit of that would be to those “investors” who get panicky how their stock price became half in one day :laughing:

I have seen so many cases I sometimes wonder if majority of “investors” dont know about split or bonus

Can we please bring this ‘Events’ feature on to the App as well @siva?

Yes, will be coming soon.

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