That's how I deal with the SPAM calls. And you?


I report them to my mobile provider on their DND form, and have gotten more than a few disconnected this way.


There is nothing worse than spam calls and emails. You can control the email situation but calls is different. It is a nice idea to record the audios. People like me get angry at that time but when you think about it later, you just stand there and laugh. What do you do later? Laugh or stay angry?


I just put the number in the call blocker app. I have more than 100 numbers blocked. List is still growing.


Is there any app that can block all calls staring with +91 731 , instead of individual numbers?


Yes, you can do that. The one i have is Calls Blacklist PRO - Call Blocker by Vlad Lee. I am not sure if the free version has that option. I got so pissed off with the spam calls i bought the pro version without thinking.


Savage this is!

Now you got some ideas, maybe :smiley:


Oh my god! I didn’t even knew that we can do this. Till now, I just used to cut the phone. But it seems like that can be a very good source of fun. Ohh! I am waiting for next such call and I will rock.:joy::joy:


Depending on my mood, I do one of the following two things

Option 1:
Caller - Sir, I’m calling from XXXXXXXX. Do you trade in equitiy/commodities?
Me - No
Caller - Ok sir. Sorry. Have a nice day (cuts the call)

Option 2:
Caller - Sir, I’m calling from XXXXXXXX. Do you trade in equities/commodities?
Me - Yes. Can you please hold-on for a second?
Caller - Sure
I keep the mobile aside without cutting the call and get on with my work. Caller holds for 1 to 10 minutes and then cuts the call.