The one must-have financial habit for everyone

This is a topic very close to my heart & I cannot emphasise enough on this… Only someone who has gone through that pain will know & understand. The good people at Finshots have highlighted this perfectly. Far too many of us take this lightly and procrastinate. Spare a thought for your loved ones.

"It’s no good being a good money manager if you haven’t safely kept a record of your investments and insurance.

it’s always good to be transparent about your savings, insurance buys, investments, loans and credit cards with your family. And keep relevant documents like policies, investment certificates, nomination forms, tax returns and loan statements neatly stacked in a damage-proof physical folder".

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This is the most important advise a person should do. Tell and share what you have and own and what they should do in case of any eventuality.

People take this very lightly and then the survivors have no clue what to do.