The pain of holding a stock: Case of Kotak Mahindra Bank

Million dollar case study on making money in stock market:

After monotonous wipro saga of creating huge wealth kotak Mahindra is a refresher.

Yes when we buy stock below 10 rs, we can hold at any recession or crash, its simple Mathematics, single digit number multiplies the most

Ask those people who bought Vakrangee below 5 rs, and compare those people who bought Vakrangee above 50 rs or above 100 rs. Both are in different kind of mental hospitals now lol.

Today if any IPO comes, it wont list for 10 rs, it will list for 1000 rs and in months, stock will go to 500 rs and all investors sell in loss.

This is reality of investing today, and the market is overcrowded, investors need to be very cautious and intelligent to be successful.

I see this as an excellent example of psychological aspects of trading on stock exchange. Many times traders will be pulled out of stocks based on their inner drivers and not by rational decisions. It takes time to learn how to deal with it

Indian Stock market did well because of 1991 economic liberalization… Because of this Indian economy started growing faster at the start of 21st century and because of that stocks skyrocketed.