The Talwalkar naming mess

So there are now two Talwalkar companies: Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Ltd (TALWALKARS) and Talwalkars Healthclubs Ltd (TALWGYM). I have both since I was a share holder in the original talwalkar. The demerger naming mess is summarised well here[1].

But now it seems that they’ve dropped the Talwalkar Lifestyles name used during the demerger[1] in favour of Talwalkar Healthclubs[2]? So I’m all confused again.

Is TALWGYM the company that runs the Gyms?
And is TALWALKARS their apparel and fluff company?

If nothing else, this thread will help others in the future.

Somebody should’ve been penalised for not thinking through this - but we all know who that will be - the poor investor.


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Almost similar d-merger is being done in Live case of GUJARAT FLOUROCHEMICALS LTD and also HSIL where the new company ( to be listed ) is the main business company and the already listed existing company remain just a holding company or with very small business activities.
thus those who bought it before d-merger (as a combined entity ) will have more than 90% of funds blocked till listing of new company say about 45-60 days coupled with market price risk on listing .no wonder both the shares are on continues LC since d-merger date. @nomadcoder

A lot of people (me included) lost money in the naming confusion with Talwalkar. I hope the proper circuit limits have been set by exchanges now.