The Week Ahead New Ideas

Many companies are coming with good results and at the same time the looming inflation threat over the current period pose a lot of confusion to trade with which counter and in which direction. Can you present your trading ideas for coming week as well as till April expiry?

Despite many companies reporting increase in profit I’m not bullish. My view is same for the coming week. Month end projection is also about same level but still have to rethink.

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Can one adopt stock specific idea? There are stocks that didn’t rally when the nifty moved fast 18000+
Can we concentrate on those stocks?

You can concentrate on the stocks which are announcing their results and take performance based trades.

In these stock I think you can make money but not much.

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this week and next week …nifty will be in the range of 17000 to 17700…with violent move…Monthly expiry will happen between 17000 to 17500…so do trade accordingly

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Oh…Good. then one should be very cautious. Till getting your reply i was thinking that nifty could move towards 18000. But your response is a good caution for me.

When they are not rallying eventhough market is rallying, they have a strong reason for such underperformance. Regardless of market range, strong news and favorability of business in short term can move any stock irrespective of market. Try to find reasons in market that can move particular stock.

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Yes even the advancing stocks are more than the declining one…And many stocks even climb to new high. Will stock specific strategy work out?

yes, u can research stock specific…u can even approach sector specific and pick a stock among them…

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Good thank you. In that case what do you think about the prospects of DrReddy?

I have no idea about factors that can cause DRL to move…To gain more insights about good factors that can move markets, try reading business newspapers…They are treasure…Keep reading them daily, each time you can get to know about different different industries and factors that affect those industries…Never trade based on other people opinions. Plz research for self, that can help form your oen opinions and you can be confident. Its easy to learn about markets if you follow business news…Try reading Business Line, Business Standard…Both are gem. Good luck.

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You are true and thank you for such valuable guidance. I would do it certainly.