There are thousands of scrips to trade, but one can safely say that its best to restrict to Nifty50 scrips. Is there a similar way to narrow down MF schemes?

There are different methods to arrive at which fund is good or rather which mutual fund company is good.

One is annual growth or CAGR, this can be for one year, two years, three years etc… or since inception of the fund.

Second one is which company, I feel UTI is the leader among MF’s, there are many others like HDFC, ICICI Pru, Canara Robeco, SBI MF, Axis MF, etc and etc… But I think UTI is very old, and they also give good CAGR.

Then the type of fund you want to invest in like, Equity Fund, Debt Fund, Tax Saving Funds, Commodities Fund, Gold Fund, Infrastructure Fund etc and etc… there are many.

Better take help of a MF Agent before investing.

P.S. All this is my view point, could be crude or raw, you better research on your own.

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