There is a change in F&O Margin Policy again? Can somebody explain how this will affect us?



Could the zerodha team shed some light on these circulars


Both of them seem to be contradictory in nature. I also got a message on one group saying that we can expect an increase in F&O margins of upto 40% in some cases. Is this true or are these baseless rumors?

Also, is there any expectation of increase in the margins in the near future as per you guys?


Does this MWPL based increase still happen? I think there was some circular which disabled it some time in oct-nov 2018.

Please correct me if I am wrong.



You’ve misread both the circulars, the exchange had introduced Additional Surveillance Measure in Sep '18. Explained in this thread.

They’ve decide to revoke ASM and increase the MPOR to 2 days instead of 1 which could cause the margin increase to go upto 40%. This is explained in this thread.


Yep, this was discontinued from Sep 14(Circular). But exchange continues to levy additional exposure margins for stocks which have a history of volatility and tend to have higher utilisation of MWPL. This is charged based on the last 6 months high-low movement within 10 days. The highest price change is charged as additional exposure(Circular).
You can find the Exposure limits file on the exchange daily reports


This is definitely ridiculous !
SEBI is on wrong path in this matter !
This will make a comeback probably, SEBI cant even detect it easily because it will be internet based now !


Hi Zerodha
As per the XL sheet that you shared for increase of premiums from 21 jan onwards it seems that nifty lot will cost Rs 10000 more ( you did calculations with nifty at 10921 level). Margin will go up fromo 82k to 92.4 k approx

can you also share what will be the margin increase for OTM nifty strike? Say for Nifty strike of 10400 what would be increase in margin requirment for that level?



@NithinKamath @nithin Would this change have any impact on Cover Order & Bracket Order?


No changes on BO/CO for now. Also can track this to see for any changes.


have the changes been updated in the zerodha margin calculator… @siva


Will be updated for tomorrow with new changes.


This will certainly affect the trading volume…Security firms may have to increase the brokerage to compensate the loss…Less tax collection to the govt…


So there is no increase in margin for BO and CO in futures segment?




I understand this will reduce volume and thereby volatility will also reduce. Correct?


AFAIK, less volume -> less liquidity -> more volatility


This is quite disappointing. What I am unable to understand is how does it help SEBI by killing the market in order to save the market. We fear what we do not understand, and typical bureaucrats do not understand anything.

Also, those folks who think that people would start selling at higher rates to compensate for higher margins, it would not happen. I am seeing the evidence first hand in past 2 months where getting reasonable amount of premium is becoming increasingly difficult despite higher volatility.

This is a lose-lose all around.


Yes, margin calculator is updated with the revised margins



are you sure abt the margin requirement of Nifty far OTM Strike…margin for 10000 strike put has gone up from 50k to 76k ,ie more than 50% increase in margin, though ATM put strike of nifty has increased from 79k to 86k


Why is Zerodha sending message asking for additional margin today even though this change applies from 21-Jan? Shouldn’t Zerodha let traders square off the positions today themselves by sending warnings?


Like I’ve explained deep OTM option short positions will be impacted most as margins have gone up additionally by 3.24%(2% SPAN +1.24% of Exposure) of the contract value when compared to futures and ATM short options