There is a change in F&O Margin Policy again? Can somebody explain how this will affect us?


@siva , Even “Margin Benefit” also seems to have been reduced for “hedged positions”. Now very less margin benefit is given compared to before. Can you confirm.


@siva consider giving more “Margin Benefit” for MIS trades.
For a typical bank nifty short straddle , margins use to be 15k for the first leg and 9k for the second leg ( total 24/5k max ) .
But today when i checked it is 20k for the first leg and 18k for the second leg ( 37/28k ).

Other brokers too increased their margins ., but this 50% net increase seems to be way too high.



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Likely yes.


For people with 2-3 lac in the trading account (and who want to trade neutral strategies), I think we can go back to keeping money in FDs.


wow… btw margin for Futures has also gone up.
One lot of NIFTY futures is also showing Rs: 1,16,260 (without hedging with Options). If you hedge, it comes down depending upon strike chosen


is there any change in the STT and other charges with these increased margins for Futures and Options writing ?



No changes in STT rates as STT is charged on total contract value.


Thank you.


Monday check. Margin requirement for NIFTY 31Jan 10000PE short is 75000 for Zerodha. The other broker is 67000.


Who is the other broker?
Hope you dont end up paying margin penalty bro.


A full service broker.
There is no margin penalty for my open positions. The requirement of margin has gone up for my Nifty positions by about 8%. I hope Zerodha can review this as they must me having access to margin requirement implemented by other brokers.


can u share the full service broker name


pls share the broker name


Systematix shares and stocks is giving @ 67000 for 10500 pe


Systematix shares and stocks


Thank you, Where can i know their brokerage charges and related details


You sure they are safe to trade with? Never heard of them.
Let us know if you get a margin penalty levy today. I’d trust Zerodha when it comes to this rather than some broker operating from no where.


@siva “Margin Benefits” when selling short strangle/straddle is either not enabled or way too less for MIS orders ( checked it with bank nifty ).
After placing the first leg , margin blocked is 19k and after placing the second order margin blocked is 36k.

It use to be 16k after first leg , and 24k after placing the second leg. Please check it and update us bro :pray:


Actually now i am seeing there is not much margin benefits whenever we are putting any credit spreads in nifty or bank nifty. Earlier for a credit spread in nifty , the required margin was almost 52k & now its 77k. There is really no margin benefit at all (as it is just shown some 1k as margin benefit in margin calculator ). So it looks like discouraging the hedging among retail investors.