There is a change in F&O Margin Policy again? Can somebody explain how this will affect us?


SEBI may relook into latest margin requirements.


yes they should only make SPAN mandatory like all global exchanges. exposure margin is non-sense. SEBI is a big f*** idiot.


For a simple Iron Condor in NIFTY margin required is increased even further.

Increased by close to 40,000 INR!!!

@siva Sir is this SEBI mandated? I know there was a increase by upto 20k, but in a week’s time I see you’ve increased it even further!!


We just charge as per exchange mandate, nothing more or less.


Thanks @siva.

How come this is not affecting HNIs and big money traders?


This will effect everyone.


just checked in upstox its 135000 …20k difference


Believe, SEBI wants to tight it more. Latest below


It’s better to BAN Derivatives segment till Elections.



If SEBI continuously increasing the margins then whom they want to be in derivatives -only fii??
if they really want to safeguard retail traders then hedging should be promoted by the way of increased margin benefits. But now with the increased margins the margin benefits are very less which is against the hedged traders.