Things to keep in mind as a trader on budget day

Regardless of where the markets close, budget days tend to be extremely volatile.

In this video, Abid, co-founder of @Sensibull explains:

  • How the markets have performed historically on budget days and the volatility they exhibit

  • How to manage our risk

  • The right type of strategies to trade

And more…

What is your strategy for tomorrow, TradingQ&A traders? We would love to hear your thoughts as well


Interesting data points about the budget.

Here’s how Sensex has fared leading up to the budget and after the budget over one month period.

On budget day markets are usually volatile and there’s no clear pattern in which direction the markets will trend. Since 2010, we have seen the same number of gaining and losing days.

Interim budget - past performance of selected indices

The budget that will be presented tomorrow is an interim or a temporary budget due to upcoming general elections. A look at how markets have fared on the day of the interim budget.