Things we are reading - 6th Feb, 2023 - AI (Google, Productivity), Adani, Liquidity, Hedge Fund, Culture, John Carmack (AI again)

  1. AI blogs all around, found these two really nice reads. The generalist article succinctly explains how ChatGPT can be a force to reckon with for Google, but also points out disrupting Google might not be easy. (Well, if you come for the King, better ensure you dont miss :slight_smile: ) The other article on how AI can help improve productivity could be misleading.
  1. Really nice read on the Adani/Hindenburg saga, the post says it all in terms of what could possibly be happening with the stock prices.
  1. Most of us don’t reorganize our view of the market on a daily basis. We have to be careful listening to exceptional operators like Tepper who transcend the investor/trader categories and who can pivot back and forth between different time frames. It’s too easy to get sidetracked by comments from people playing a different game or to waste a lot of time going down the rabbit hole on indicators that are being gamed by market participants already.

  1. Hedge fund 101,

  1. Culture clash at Financial service company - really nice insight into how M&As in finance dont really pan out they probably should.
  1. A really nice interview from John Carmack - he is essentially saying, he will work on AI not to have an easy exit but to ensure the technology reaches its maximum potential. :slight_smile:
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  1. India growth story - needs infra, education push, FDI :slight_smile: Really nice read,