Things we are reading today - May 30th, 2023

One in five young people are unemployed in China

The current state of youth unemployment in China according to the article, has reached a record high in April 2023, with over 13% of young people aged 16-24 being unemployed. There are several factors contributing to this trend, including a shift away from labor-intensive industries and a lack of job opportunities in the service sector. The article also discusses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the job market, as well as the challenges facing young people as they enter the workforce in an increasingly competitive and rapidly changing economy. Overall, the article highlights the pressing need for policy measures to address youth unemployment in China and support young people in finding meaningful and sustainable employment.

Singapore’s Temasek cuts staff compensation after failed FTX investment

According to a recent Reuters article, Singapore’s Temasek Holdings has announced that it has reduced compensation for the team responsible for recommending an investment in FTX, which has since gone bankrupt. Temasek’s decision to cut pay for staff members involved in the FTX fiasco has caused disappointment among the team.

The pressure to optimize every aspect of our lives, from productivity and fitness to relationships and parenting, has led to increased stress, burnout, and a sense of never feeling “good enough.” We need to find a healthy balance between striving for improvement and accepting imperfections.