Third Party Connectivity

As I informed earlier I am trading with Symphony Presto Algo Platform and we have discussed for connecting it to Zerodha Platform for fully automated trading. Pls clarify on below mentioned points

Symphony has their own Fully Automated Trading CTCL Platform - Presto which is entirely being used for Fully Automated trading. We have our own OMS, RMS, Strategy engine and Trading Terminal (UI).

I have strategy in Presto Platform and is currently doing Live Trading with one of our Partner Broker. Now what I am looking to integrate our Platform with your OMS/RMS using Kite API. So on the same point, i have few questions which i am requesting you to clarify the same:

  1. Since our OMS will be connecting to your OMS/RMS using Kite API, so kindly confirm whether we need to locate our OMS, strategy engine (Server Part) and Trading Terminal (UI part)??

I am assuming that we may need to locate at your end as we had done similar kind of integration with Omnesys Nest where our OMS is communicating with Omnesys server using their Nest API and our OMS is being located at Broker’s end only.

  1. Also, if your Kite API is a FIX compliant or is it based on Non-FIX order routing as our Trading Platform is FIX enabled and is communicating to Exchange (NSE/MCX/BSE) using FIX connectivity.



hElLO tRaDeR,

What you are asking for is not legal (at least for now) and continuing to trade in violation of the rules of the exchange, is asking for trouble (maybe today or 10 years down the line when they audit the records)

All algorithms need to be approved by the exchange before it can be automated with the exchange.