This guy is overstating the dangers of MF in Demat form?

I have started buying on COIN but I am still researching several things about MF in Demat vs MF Utility.

This blog here is kinda scary & I am hoping he’s got it wrong?

So, when I click on the link I see this :wink:

Try this instead (Google Cache)

hmm… I dont think that article is well researched, maybe why it is taken down.

  1. You can’t sell MF in secondary market. I donno how someone can even write that.
  2. Transferring MF from one demat to another demat is as easy as moving stocks. It has been there from the start.
  3. There is no need to rematerialize once in demat. It is like saying converting to demat once you have bought it in a non-demat way.

I have put reasons on why demat here.

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Link is okay now.