Thomas Cook demerger

Needed some information on the demerger of Thomas Cook. Firstly by when will I get the shares for Quess. Secondly, what will be the cost of acquisition of the original Thomas Cook shares. I see the price fell from 149.50 to 69.90 on the record date… should i reduce the cost of acquisition in the same ratio for Thomas Cook? Also what will be the cost and date of acquisition of the Quess shares?

You will have to contact the company’s RTA to know when the demerger shares will be credited. There is no complete information available regarding COA, once it is available it will be adjusted accordingly on Console and Kite holdings.

Hope everyone got the email with the cost of acquisition details… Also quess shares are deposited and ready for trading…

I also got the email but I am not sure how to calculate the cost of acquisition.
I got this in email :

Quess Corp Limited

Can someone share an example ?
5th Dec 2019
TCIL Shares Average Price Total Amount Quess Shares Allocated
1385 161.88 224207.75 261

Quess Cost 25.27% 56657.29843 217.0777717 Per Share cost of Quess
TCIL Cost 74.73% 167550.4516 120.9750553 Per Share cost of TCIL

New Shares bought in Dec 2019

1500 Shares at Rs 70 each

welcome to the group. I didn’t get your question. Looks like u r doing everything correct…

Thanks AJ007,

Question is about How do I calculate the cost price for Quess Corp shares allocated to me by TCIL for free.

I have added this calculation but I am not confident that it’s correct .


I rechecked. You are accurate.

Thanks, AJ