Thoughts on Adani Green

Wanted to gather some thoughts from the community here on the recent price surge in Adani Green.

I wanted to invest back in Oct’19 when it was trading around 50. Based on my analysis back then they were a sound investment and had clear competitive advantages in the industry.

The stock is now trading at 235 and has been the best stock of 2019 in terms of price performance.

I still believe in the company and what they are doing. What the communities thoughts on the same?

The current PE is almost 1000x which is insane, so clearly not a good time to invest now. I seem to have missed my short opportunity to buy it at right price.

The chart has spoken with LC starting today… Euphoria does not lasts forever…

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Agree, I definitely see if coming down. They aren’t a company worth 36000 crores yet. Definitely see the stock price coming down to close 100.

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It could come down to 130-140 but it could even go up, heard mentality is very bad and it’s the stock market after all, some companies see prices over 100x PE but some barely sustain even 5-10X PE. see HEG for example, it’s fundamentally good, when investors flocked and then again… :joy:

I love HEG and Graphite India. The yearly dividend alone on Graphite India was enough to recuperate the stock price a few months back. Graphite India even has future proof investments and yet has been losing market value.

Was never particularly interested right into that stock, but I can honestly tell you that something like that will make any numbers with it lately no matter what with that? It looks like you have missed your time and you can easily buy it out next time.