Time entry for monthly options

Hi Team,

What is the best time to enter for Apr 2022 options contract assuming my view is bullish and doing cash secured put based on chart and fundamentals. Like shall we enter now for April expiry or should we wait till this month expiry is over and only then enter. Any suggestions please.

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1. Zerodha Team won’t give you trading tips.
2. I suggest you to stop asking tips from random people.

Getting back to your question
There is no need for you to wait till April to start your trade.
Since the financial year end is just 2 days away you may reconsider entering the market just for tax purposes.
Since you are beginning fresh trade it would be better if you enter the positions on April because it will be easier to track trades. Because after sometime you remember you entered a trade for April expiry but you may forget that you entered the trade in previous financial year.

In General options decay starts 45 days before expiry.
So as per my knowledge you can enter trade now

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thank you, got it

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great information thanks