Time range breakout

how to create time range breakout trade using streak
like i want to trade in bataindia when it cross higher range of time frame of 10:00 to 10:15


unable to do that in streak

It can be created in their create plus/scanner, assuming 15min time frame,

close crosses above max(nth candle(high,15min,4),nth candle(high,15min,5))

4th candle if 10am and 5th candle is 10:15am, the max high of whose, is your high level, and it that get broken by another candle close, it should trigger.


Another simple way to create break out by specifying the time of candle at inuvest.
(select day/time indicator - select HIGH, Offset is 0, specify time of the candle, select candle period)

Using time you could select any candle of any day (by using day offset)