Time Technoplast is it worth investing

Is it worth to hang to TIME TECHNOPLAST ? pls advise

It can go to 50 also as per chart, I hope you are not holding it at huge loss

Such midcap stocks easily showed their destination from months ago, you open the chart it is easily visible, so one should keep stop loss always in such stocks

Not sure about fundamentals though, but such same charts is seen in lot of other midcaps and all of them are going towards the starting point of rally. So always keep stop loss in midcaps.

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Time Technoplast did touch 50 today. How are you able to predict this in advance? Some advice would be very helpful, I have gathered quite of these midcaps as yet.

  1. Its sister company TPL Plastech had reached 2016 low price by that time (Jan 2019)

Always keep track of other group companies also. E.g. Indiabulls Housing, it seemed good stock and its chart didnt clearly tell it will go down 80%. But check its sister companies price chart - IBVENTURES, SORILINFRA, IBULISL. You will see that an investor should have been cautious back in Aug 2018 :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Most midcaps fell in Jan 2018 before Budget 2018. But later, few showed bounces, few made new highs (good midcaps). But some stayed 50% or 70% down. So it was clear those will go to their previous bottoms.

How I said 50 exact was - You can just check its chart on google. In 2016 its price was 45-50 range. It has completed the pump and dump pattern now.


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