Tips given by brokers - to believe or not to believe

In addition to Zerodha, I have an account with a leading+reputed broker. I regularly get tips from this broker via email. So I decided to take a chance. Based on the order, I placed order for those 3 stocks.
In couple of days, those stocks tanked & I burnt my fingers. This shows tips were given, when the stocks were at peak & game plan was to attract fools like me to buy those stocks. So better to take own decisions rather than following tips given by a third party. I don’t know whether it is legal to give tips to the customers.

Never trade or invest based on others tip

Always do on ur own, if loss or profit, u have urself to blame or appreciate.

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Do not deal with broker who provide tips and tools like buy @ this point stop loss @ this point sell @ this point … do your own study on company and promoters .