Tline Trading strategy

Looking for a code for this scenario:

BuySignal->. when the combination of Bearish candle, + gap down doji + and bullish candle (with open higher than previous candle close) is closing above 8 day EMA.

sell signal–>Bullish candle + Gap up doji + bear candle(with gap down open) below 8 EMA

This could be for any timeframe chart, I tried to 3 candle south code, but it is not generating any results.



hElLO tRaDeR,

The scanner works on Intraday candles.

The code you mentioned that contains a DOJI cadle with a GAP is ideal for EOD candles.

Also, the Tradescript identifies candles stick patterns directly with the below code:


You will find the  pre programmed candlestick patterns on page 67 of the Transcript Manual:

Hmm…I tried this ,but this say’s that there are no trades found . do I have to set the interval and other settings to make this work ?