To Zerodha-Are you working on Chart pattern alters also as EA? Please reply on this

Patterns are very much important for trading please can you tell me why don’t you work on scanning of stocks on double bottom,top, head and shoulder and other such patterns so that it will be easy to get stock in the wwatchlist and trading too.

For the chart patterns open the chart and go to artificial intelligence and select pattern recognisation in that drop down list you can find all the chart patterns.

I am happy that you have answered it Mr. Sreenivasulu but will it be possible for you to open all F&O charts and apply this pattern recognition ?
I know this what you told me but its really very hard to do that, it takes time :frowning:

yes , individually you need to apply to each and every chart

Yeah Sreenivasulu and that is very long process to apply to each and every chart thats why i was looking that zerodha should work on autoregonition of Patterns in charts, lets see btw they are really doing well for traders all the time.
I am happy with them.