Today clearing holiday. Urgent Query

Since today ( 29.10.2020 ) is a clearing holiday but trading sessions are open. I have this query!

I got some shares on tuesday ( i.e., on day before yesterday) … Unknowingly i sold those shares today. What am I suppose to do now.? Any complications?
Any suggestions?

Clearing Holiday is tomorrow on October 30th, the shares which you bought on Tuesday will be delivered to you today, there shouldn’t be any complications.

Any problem?? since i sold it today!?
I didn’t get the capital and profit amount.
Its not yet reflected.

No there wont be any problem.

Sale proceeds are immediately credited to your account, request you to raise a ticket at

Okay thanks

You bought on 27 October and sold on 29 October . no issue at all. Settlement holiday /clearing holiday is on 30 October. your clear funds for withdrawal IF ,will be there (pay out ) on 03 November.

So only on 3 rd November, the amount will get reflected on available to trade !? Right?

As i understand available funds will reflect immediately as answered by Zerodha staff @ShubhS9 …if you want to withdraw you can do so only by afternoon of 03 November .

Thanks sir. One final question …
Since short delivery is not allowed in india…
What happens if a trader unknowingly sell a share in delivery mode…

If not covered by EOD , it will be auctioned and delivered to buyer. the short seller will suffer loss . In rare case even in auction if the shares can not be bought , the buyer will not get shares but transaction square off value which can be 20% higher than that days price . in this case short seller will suffer heavy loss.

You can read this, explains everything in detail.