Today's Glitch around 1 PM

Today around 1:15, everything stopped, including positions, charts for 1-2 mins and was restored after that. Does anyone have any idea what happened? I heard every broker faced it. @nithin

Yeah, it also happened 1-2 days ago on Kite. :pensive:

Sharekhan was working fine during that time. I don’t know what the issue was but glad that it was fixed quickly.

Didn’t notice it 1-2 days ago. Let’s hope it stops.

Yes, I noticed this too, a few days ago between 12:56 and 01:00 PM.

The reason I remember was cos I had a position, and it went against me in those few minutes. Closed out the trade when I finally got the feed running and saw it.

Tracked those missing bars at the end of the day, as well as next morning, but they only appeared the next evening…

Tried “Control-R” refresh, shut down and reopened Kite, nothing worked…

Did not observe it yesterday, as stated in the OP’s post…. Maybe cos I didn’t have a position on :joy:

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