Tool to identify Cheapest margin option

is there any tool to identify cheapest margin requiring option chain? with filters to filter

  1. lot size of the stock
  2. margin required for atm of the stock for call and put options
  3. expiry date.
  4. days left to expire.

this would be helpful in initiating trade for traders with small margins.

Don’t know if there is a tool like that …

You have very specific requirements that can most probably be solved only with custom built tools

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By the way… There are tools like opstra, option action… Etc…

May be they can help you… You may try them.

You are new to trading. You are still learning. Clearly you are getting many new (albeit funny) ideas.
Keep it up. Keep learning. The fog will vanish and everything will be clear soon.
There is no need to look for “cheapest margin requiring option chain”
For buying you do not require “margin” - only cash.
For selling, margins are almost same across the market. Also the variation will be as per volatility in underlying, and also as per various factors in strike itself. Also the margin changes thrice a day.
And lastly, you don’t trade cheapest stocks or options you trade as per your setup.
You buy tickets of a movie you wanna watch and not buy the cheapest ticket of any movie.


I guess he is using the term incorrectly

He seems to be talking about small deposit accounts instead

Try sensibull

Read NSE options chain for basic understanding.

Varsity is a must if you are a beginner

If you are looking for filters to decide on option strategy you can use Eqsis.

He has completely misunderstood all the concepts including “option chain”, “margin”, “lot size”, “bid ask”, “strike price” etc etc.

keep learning. Best of luck @Sid2019

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