Total Cost (brokerage) for any sort of Investment for MF


I am new to the trading scenario in Zerodha. I just wanted to know very clearly, the charges which i would be bearing if I purchase Mutual funds. I am aware that for the first Rs 25000 invested, I am not to pay any brokerage charges

Q1- Is this independent of time, which means I can invest 25000 over 6 months too, and does that Rs 50/month after that exclude GST or GST isn’t applicable on that?

Q2- Is the Payment gateway charges levied everytime I put money into Zerodha (coin) account, and is it fixed at 9%+GST for ny sort of bank account? If Yes, then it is important to address this to the users since this is not being communicated clearly, and one loses that amount and that is a good amount of money. Do clarify this to me in case I am mistaken. I could not find this mentioned anywhere

Q3- What are the charges that I am levied in case I have an existing Demat account and want to use that for the MF trading on Zerodha and not a one opened via Zerodha?

Please address these queries so that it becomes easier for me to judge this medium for my investments.


Yes it’s independent of time, there is no time limit within which you have to invest the 25k. You can invest it over 6 months if that is your investment plan. And the coin subscrciption fees is Rs.50+GST/every 30 days, whenever your investment amount exceeds 25k.

Payment gateway charges are fixed at Rs.9+GST every time you use the Atom gateway within Kite to transfer money to your trading account. Because this is a 3rd party payment gateway and these transfer charges are decided by them. You can skip these charges and do an IMPS/NEFT directly from your netbanking but charges may apply at your bank. Learn how you can create standing instructions from your bank account for your Coin SIPs.

Your Coin account is activated only when you have a Zerodha Demat account.

Ok, so are there any additional charges to maintain the Demat account or the Rs 300/Year to start the subscription is inclusive of the Demat charges?

Also I haven’t got my Demat created yet, and if it is I am not aware of it. Can you help on this then?

Demat account AMC(Account Maintenance Charge) is Rs.300/year, charged on a pro-rata basis on 31 Mar every year. There are no other additional charges for the Demat account.

Go to your Q Backoffice > Profile and check under Depository details.

I paid 200 at the time of opening the account in Zerodha, which means that the total amount that needs to be paid upfront. to start transacting is 200+300 (demat charges) = 500 / year. Is that right?

Did you check your Depository details in Q?

AMC charge of 300 is not paid upfront. It’s paid on 31 Mar every year, pro-rata.

What I know is that is that I have paid Rs 200 when I created an account. I have not yet done/paid anything else. Can you help me understand it in a little easier manner.?

Apologies, I paid 300 and not 200 when I opened the account.

So yeah, this is the account opening charge for your trading + Demat account. Could you login to your Q Backoffice using Kite login details and check under Profile > Depository details if your Demat details are available.

No, Demat data is not available in Q.