Total loss calcution

I Pradip mazumder extremely sorry I am totally new but I buy option bank nifty 3rd June 35700 [email protected] and now LTP = 0.5 . please give advice my total loss calcution and what can I do .please very

Loss would be 32.5 x 25 x number of lots bro…

Okk thanks

You are at a loss because your strike price (35700) expired Out of the Money (OTM). i.e Bank nifty spot closed below your call option strike price. Spot price(35649.00) < Strike price(35700). Hence the call option you bought is worthless.
Loss Calculation =. 32.5 * 25 = Rs 812.5, in other words, you lost the entire premium. Options are high-risk high reward instruments. Please trade carefully. There is a potential to wipe out entire capital. I would strongly suggest reading options course by varsity before taking up trades.

Happy trading!