TOTP Removal for ASM/GSM Stock

Dear Team & Nititnji,

Kindly remove Mandatory TOTP option for ASM/GSM stocks,

Many of the ASM/GSM stocks are pretty normal to name few like Apollopipe, Advance enzyme, to name few,

Creation of TOTP only makes user experience difficult and we miss the Opp of buying such stocks,

Pls remove the TOTP for Stock Apollo Pipe,


ASM/GSM Stocks with good trading volume will not ask TOTP(Advance enzyme you can place without TOTP itself), only for the stocks which have less trading volume will ask TOTP.

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Hello Raghvendran,

Thanks for reply,

Appreciate if you relook & cancel TOTP requirement for stock Apollopipe,**
Apollopipe key features

  1. stock market cap 850 cr with duly backed fundamental
  2. It has decent Liquidity with daily To of Rs 10-12 Cr to with Volume of 200-300k and some days even 500k per day volume,
  3. its part of reputed Sudesh group stocks (Sudesh grp has close to 12-13k Cr Market cap stocks) and its not a penny Stock pls
  4. Apollo pipes has net worth of close to 300 Cr

Pls request to remove TOTP Mandatory option for Apollo pipes pls,

Above point are for Info & removal for TOTP requirement only, not a recommendation for buying the stock,