Tracking MF in Coin

Hi guys!

I would like to know on how I can track my existing MFs in Coin.

Someone please help me on getting this done.


Just login to coin using kite credentials and go to portfolio to get the details

On Coin website your portfolio of Mutual Fund’s is displayed on Dashboard page, on Coin app there is Investments section there you can view your Mutual Fund portfolio.

I have already some MF investments done through Groww app. I wish to track them and manage them through COIN. How can I do that? As mentioned, I have just checked on Coin App, however, I failed to find out any menu on investment section to track any existing mf which is not invested through Coin.

Need some guidance. Please.

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I get your point. But, what I need is to track the existing mfs that have been invested through other app not through Zerodha Coin. Hope, I could clearly convey my point of contention.

This you cannot do, on Coin, you can only view Mutual Fund’s which you have invested through Coin. However you can transfer your existing Mutual Fund holdings to Coin, you can know more here.

Thanks for the help. It seems like a next to impossible task to me. Some MFs were invested through banks that are regular type and have locking period. And some others have been invested through Groww in direct plan open ended. That time I had no Demat Ac, and I have opened the one recently with Zerodha. So I think these MFs are not demat type. I can track all the mfs through Goww or even through ETmoney also. Since, my journey with Zerodha, I wanted to bring all the investments under one app. But it seems little difficult, since Coin is not so exclusive like Groww or ETmoney type MF apps.

Little disappointed for not being able to include on Coin.

I would suggest not to move your Mutual Funds to zerodha coin as it lacks lot of features…Continue to invest mutual funds through Groww itself as it offers STP , SWP and few instant liquid fund redemption…

It will take some more years for coin to implement all of these probably …Personal experience so stay away :grinning:

Thank you sir for your kind and worthy sharing of knowledge. It will help me definitely.