Trade Machines for Algo Trading


Does any one provide me the information of sharing trading eligible machine on monthly charge (Platform as a Service)? I aware that, I can setup the same with AWS. But it is way to complicated.

For example, I need to shutdown the instance @ 4 PM and boot the instance @ 8 AM. To achieve this, I need to write a lambda script to achieve. I really not interested to get in to this.

I have read some where, even I have visited their site where there are offering the trade machines with all necessary tools installed on monthly charge. Perhaps, I totally missed to book mark their site.

Could you any throw light on this topic?


He always help me to get the right calls

If you want the daily earning then just what’s app me on needed if 10000 you can earn 2000 daily ,if 20000 then 4000-5000 daily income intraday calls.

I am earning more than what you have shown :). I am not looking any strategy or tips.

I am looking for a cloud provider who gives the trading machines with basic setup. So that, I can deploy my algo setup over there and run it, instead of maintain in my local.