Trade on particular day of month

Scenario 1: Say i want to buy stocks on 3rd of every month end exit on 23.

Scenario 2 : i want to enter trade 25 day before expiry and exit 3 days before expiry .

Is any of above possible?

Yes it is possible… Unless those days are holiday…

Thanks @MightyBulls how?. Please reply this will help a lot. With zerodha streak. i have mentioned it under Streak backs testing. Manually obviously you can.

Hi @sagar_gujar

This is currently not possible in Streak but will be available soon. This is our roadmap.

Yes, you can trade as per your convenience. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is to trade in a way in which you have high chances of getting profits whether it is scenario 1 or scenario 2. Also, check if both of these ways work or not.