Trade only on buy trend

What ever the strategy I used, it performs well in buy trend.

My point of view is, a company does not allow the share price to drop. So even though there may be a sale trend for particular period, the price will again go up.

So I planned to focus on buy trade only.

Kindly provide your views.

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then why are dhfl, yes bank are where they are now?

your thought process may be right but this will apply to only companies which are robust fundamentally, not to every other company.

The companies with good fundamentals will eventually go up in long run ( long trend)… Short and mid term down trends are temporary …

Good companies share price will fall for short term but in long term it will go up because of demand among retailers and big players…

yes. both are started to fall on Sep-2018 and recovering now.

my plan is, if the monthly candle is above 50 EMA, then buy

i am planning for swing trading - holding 15 - 30 days.

great… Trade with trend… Buy and hold when price in above the 200ma

thank you

Shouldn’t the philosophy be follow the trend, buy or sell side ?? I think that is more flexible. And on a good day you can even get some quick cash trading opposite of the trend.

The trend is your friend…
until the end…

which indicators are you using currently for swing trading?


I do not think so.

There are many factors which determine the direction of the price, whether it will go up or down in the near future. Promoters & insiders know many things beforehand. A retail trader/investor knows after the move happened.

Learn before you trade & invest.

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i tried to explain him the same with example of yes bank and dhfl… about where these stocks where are where they are now… if company doesn’t let stock price go down then these shouldn’t be this low from their highs… maybe should have given prime example is lakshami vilas bank… why didn’t company do anything to stop this from being worthless?

I agree

Trend is your friend, Ride it until it bends !

oh nice!!! how’s the results?

Amazon has declined:

10% - 29 times
20% - 14 times
30% - 8 times
40% - 5 times
50% - 4 times
90% - 1 time

Returns since IPO: 1,51,600%

Volatility is normal. Deal with it.