Trade to Trade Stock and Stop loss

Hi, I am planning to buy a stock which falls under trade to trade stop. In Zerodha it says I will be able to sell the stock only after it gets credited in my demat account. My question is, if the price hits the stop loss before T+2 days, what happens, will it get rejected?

Thank you

Hey @ashobiz

Exchanges move stocks that are extremely speculative or are suspect of price manipulation to the Trade to Trade (T2T) segment. Intraday and BTST trades are not allowed in the T2T segment, as all buy and sell transactions will be compulsorily delivered (T+2 settlement).

Therefore, you cannot have stop loss for such trades as the stocks you buy are credited to your demat account on T+2 day.

More on this here : What are Trade to Trade or T2T stocks?


Thanks for the info.