Trade Vs Trades positional 5 % every month

Hai i will post my trades here to help us better understanding each other to point a best and mistake

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You’ll post the screen shot of all trades that you’ll take ?

Which book do you recommend for ‘Options Trading’ ?

@TradeXMaster in any book you can learn only strategy , even if you copy past my trades also your profit and loss will be determine by your psychology mindset , even if i face a loss of 1 lakhs in the middle of the month i will never bother about those loss , i know how i will do adjustment , if you panic then you need to book loss ,

individual mindset will be determine the profit and loss in your account are you ready for any thing


Hey @Riyas_Ahamed
Good to c u. I have a serious querry with you and am sure only hard core experts of options like you can make me in peace. After all these freak trades very frequent now a days, how option sellers can safeguard their trades. Becoz just a fraction of second is enough now to blow years of earnings. And now, option selling seems very dangerous affair and a graveyard for sellers.

@Alex_R freak trades are not seen in my account , anyway social media noise i seen all these freak trades are happening in bank nifty option only , i am not trading in bank nifty , even i am hedged strategy only i am doing , i am not worrying about these freak trades

Hi, this is my trades for the month of September = total credit received 3 .2 lakhs . i already booked 70 k in the month of September balance 2 lakhs + will be booked in next one week , some of my friends asked me why you are doing trades in stock option also . nifty and bank nifty is enough to trade , but my strategy style is in aug and September if anybody sold call in those two indices they really become mad ,. so only i will diversify my option trades in stock and index , these way i am trading 5 years + , no big shock i never seen

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@Riyas_Ahamed , You are right.
I want to learn the basics like options pricing model / black and scholes / greeks
Can you recommend a book for that ?

@TradeXMaster i learn lot of things about option in this book may be its usefull for you , one more thing i will read lot of book on week basics , if anything impressed me in option i will let you know



Thanks @Riyas_Ahamed , If I got some doubts later, can I ask it in this post ?

@TradeXMaster sure … i will be here to help you

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Any video posted that you said before ? Just wanted to know if I missed it.