Trader/ Investors. What New Features You Want From zerodha?

zerodha is offering so many facilities… i want to ask every trader/ investor who uses zerodha trading Q&A. that what new features you want from zerodha?

i want 3 things from Zerodha…

1… A Good Android App which allow Cover order / Bracket Order from mobile

  1. Provide Cover Order / Bracket Order Facility on Kite Web Version

  2. IMPS Facility for Funds Withdrawals…

plzz… post your views also… that what you are excepting from zerodha…

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I think Zerodha already started implementing above, KITE android app is already out for testing, and CO and BO will be available very soon

Kindly initiate measures to include NCDEX too so that we can trade in all agro commodities also.

  1. Include > SQUARE OFF AND STOP LOSS targets as a net value for the entire QTY on an open position , directly on the ADMIN section of PI.

( I assume one reason why beginners empty their accounts in the first 90days is by NOT making an effort to place the stop loss order.

It involves a bit of manual calculation ( considering that a few of us are LAZY we dont bother to place the stop loss order)

By having a easy way to enter the net value of SQUARE OFF and STOP LOSS targets , beginners could still ride their boats beyond the first 90 days )

  1. Include > Right click an area of Chart > price alerts beep > directly on the Pi Charts.

  2. Include > Pi > Market watch > Pull down menu > TOP 10 Nifty / FnO Gainers/Losers.

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  1. CO/BO from chart (i.e. buy here & sell here option on right click should have sub menu of BO & CO)and that too with limit order. at present it executes on market price
  2. The above feature should have in KITE also.
  3. All the indicators that are in KITE, should have in Pi too

Following features: Basket order (for single/multiple scrip)
I would like to put staggered order for selling for particular quantity
e.g. 100 qty @99,
200 qty @100,
300 qty @101
400 qty @102

Currently I have to open order form 4 times in above case and enter the order.