Traders in from India, made in India

Sunny and clear day. I was just wondering, curious that I am yet to come across a successful/influencial trader from India and made in India.

Yes, there are a lot traders but they are all full of B.S. and full of shitty egos. Haven’t had a decade of trading experience, but wannabe gurus.

Maybe the real ones shy away from social sites and forums.


You’ll see a lot of them in the coming years, most of the successful traders are above 40 by now and going by their generational standards, they might not be much of a social media stars (like us :stuck_out_tongue:).

People who really makes this all out of their skill/mindset really do not spend time on forums and competitions like that anyway. I do hope it will really works wonders there. Do you really see me happening out there ? I do not want to take any part in some shady game.

For the real traders, the Market would have mauled their ego during their learning years. :smiley:

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Does any trader come on TV news channels other than professional technical analysts?

i don’t think so. why would TV channels invite any non-professional analyst?

But they’re always wrong thst why i asked

What you mean by influential traders?i know know few made in india good traders here in this forum like haribabu,velu and many more