Tradescript Update

I want to raise some issues in tradescript , if solved will make tradescript a top class software.

  1. We cannot store the buy price. If i want to place a trailing stoploss or target from a buy price , it cannot be done .
  2. I want to know the demand/supply ratio of a particular script by taking values of total bid qty and total ask quantity.Cannot feed these values in tradescript.
    3.we cannot correlate different scripts in one code. ex. I want to buy nifty fut when vix goes down . For this i need to recall the vix script and then take a trade accordingly .
    4.Recalling different time frames. I want to buy a script when the trend in daily , hourly , 15 min , 1 min charts is UP.
    5.Need to enter many parameters like average price , best bid price, best ask price, etc.
    6.Basis ( for future stocks ) . If basis of future stock is increasing and demand / supply ratio is increasing , it might be a buy .
    7.OI data can be included for a script ( atleast for ATM options ). It might help programmers write a better strategy.
    8.Design a scanner that is programmable with tradescript and runs on all stocks available in NSE/BSE instead of prelisted stocks.

Serious programmers please respond.

I would suggest that if you are a programmer use ninja trader and try to build such strategies and you can then use kite API to bridge the trading system.