Tradesmart by Kotak. Attention Zerodha

Don’t think we should rely on calls (I’m presuming that it is calls, correct me if I’m wrong). Let’s strive to work harder/smarter :slight_smile:

Its the same product. But TICK is asking for login id. as in for customers only.

@nithin please bring the same to zerodha clients.

By Free, what I meant was you can access these tools for free if you are a Reliance Trading Account Client. No Monthly charges like Kotak.

Monthly charges are pretty cheap. but need it for Traders.

Like any other trading tool, this is useful only if you need it .

Heckyl charges a heavy price to these big brokerage houses for re-distributing this platform to their clients.

Not a cost, that discount brokers might find it feasible.

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giving access to this is whats important, let the user determine the usefulness. because all initiatives of zerodha are pretty much only for investors. This i think Zerodha may not make a lot of money and they don’t usually like to rely on others for information. so either they can bring this or make something of their own.

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Can you quickly jot down few feature requests which you would like to use while trading.

Yes @siva i am a F&O trader, so i would like to get Futures data which tells FII, DII movement. which can give out options data right in one screen, so we dont have to search anywhere else.

Can check this, soon it will give FII/DII activity along with many other things.

but i am a futures trader. how can i make use of this, i visited their site many times did not understand its use. i visited all zerodha initiatives like streak , small case etc for Futures useful data.

Also i do request you to look at that features Kotak is giving, it literally blows the mind. so i request something similar from zerodha.

Can you be specific with those features here, so we can also evaluate, if you carefully go through the link I have given it was mentioned they will be adding FII data in coming days.

please refer to this ( it blew me away.

especially from 1:16 *

Personally I was not blown away with any of the feature. Let me support my claim but this is just my personal opinion, you are welcomed to differ with it.

  1. Consider Event calendar-- On sensibull one can see total event calendar but also importantly events which can effect one’s individual trade, thus a customized event calendar.
  2. Strategies – On Sensibull one has to just input their view, application will present you with list of option strategies in accordance with that view, most of the applications in India will give payoff’s based on expiry of the contract involved but on Sensibul payoff is relevant to target data selected, can view payoff with changes to IV,date, target etc and also want to point about compare trades option.
  3. FII activity will be added soon.
  4. Open interest gainers/loosers, spread between futures and spot etc are not available currently but adding them to our to do list.

Please write down what more we can offer.

Atleast can u tell sensibull to also offer something related to Futures? At 1:16 in that video you can see how it shows futures and options data.

I’ve also opened Upstox account now that zerodha is in trouble with its systems. The charts are really far better with proper refresh & no more errors/downtime etc as seen with zerodha. my trades are also getting better as with zerodha i was getting wrong entries due to incorrect prices shown in market watch as there’s a lag in prices. so far so good…

i’ve tried heckyl which comes with icicidirect but did not find it useful…

Kite lags, but PI is very fast. If you have not used it try. Or if u don’t want Zerodha, SASonline has same software called Alpha. Which is also very fast. Try PI once. Quick order is just remarkable.

i’ve tried Pi…though its fast it keeps crashing. if you see all blogs several people have raised issues with zerodha kite, pi over past several months but they are least bothered…their systems would perform better once lot of clients move out of zerodha. they’ve grown far too quick for them to keep pace…

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My experience have been that PI doesn’t save chart layout exactly where I want them to be saved and crashing is rare. It’s data is very fast.
Yes but it needs a lot of fixes. Much more stability, speed on charts. Like zooming in and out and moving it from end to end. takes a lot of time.