Tradesmart by Kotak. Attention Zerodha

i’ve tried heckyl which comes with icicidirect but did not find it useful…

Kite lags, but PI is very fast. If you have not used it try. Or if u don’t want Zerodha, SASonline has same software called Alpha. Which is also very fast. Try PI once. Quick order is just remarkable.

i’ve tried Pi…though its fast it keeps crashing. if you see all blogs several people have raised issues with zerodha kite, pi over past several months but they are least bothered…their systems would perform better once lot of clients move out of zerodha. they’ve grown far too quick for them to keep pace…

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My experience have been that PI doesn’t save chart layout exactly where I want them to be saved and crashing is rare. It’s data is very fast.
Yes but it needs a lot of fixes. Much more stability, speed on charts. Like zooming in and out and moving it from end to end. takes a lot of time.