Tradetron strategies on Zerodha

I came across a website called I have some doubts regarding same.

  1. Can we integrate Tradetron with Zerodha

  2. Is exchange approval required for implementing strategies in Tradetron(Fully automated)? (I asked this question because I have heard that any algo trading needs to be approved by Exchanges)

  3. Any user feedbacks from regular users of this service?

  4. Is there any legal grey areas we should be aware for using service like this for implementing strategies?



Yes, surely you can integrate Tradetron with Zerodha, but Zerodha will charge you Rs. 2000/- per month for that. Brokers like Fyers, Alice Blue, Kotak, Finvasia are among those who provide API access for free.

I have already connected some of my brokers with Tradetron and doing live auto algo trades for quite sometimes, but nowhere I found anything regarding exchange approvals.

As for legal grey areas, I have no idea.

Why should there be any legal issues, its my choice how I want to fire trades in my broker account. I can do it manually or by the help of algo.

Hope, I am able to answer your queries to some extent.

Thank you.

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Hey @kiranf @prabs4sure

I’d recommend you to read this - The rise of Algo trading platforms & everything you need to know – Z-Connect by Zerodha Z-Connect by Zerodha

How can you control tech ? API or no API automation will happen. With API is better, at least broker is aware what’s happening.