Trading and taxation

i booked a profit of rs 1,200 on ICICI lombard. i re-investd it in other shares which are presently is loss without withdrwing any fund. will it count in my income or no??..if yes there from where i can get its statment??

The money you earned from ICICI is called short term capital gain. It is taxed at 15%. But you have to pay this tax only if at the end of the year all your short term gains + losses is positive. You can login to and check the P&L statement.

Suggest you to to go through this:

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If you are an Investor , then you have booked Capital Gain. Further Investment , price reduction wont reduce the Gain in other shares unless booked in the same financial year.

profit i got from icici ipo is not shown in p and l of q. kindly guide further