Trading automation

Can one manage (buy/sell) simultaneously on multiple persons trading acs using any API? Eg. If by strategy one decides to sell nifty, immeditely sell is placed on all the accounts at the same time? Read in quora about a site that does something similar, something like managed portfolio services. But could not find the site name now. If so which api/broker provide such functionality? Heard of PI, but is it capable of above im not sure. Please advice.

Am not sure about the portfolio service sites, but as per above requirement, i think it is not allowed to trade as such copy trading automatically.

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Yes, such a system is there. You’ll have to search more, but from what i know, a site can be used to trigger orders, which can be recvd into multiple accounts. Each account must be using APPS ( and that APP will place the orders automatically.

e.g. i am an expert trader, i have 100 clients, who all have my APP configured into their account (zerodha currently also charges 2000/- per month for this service). Now when i place an order according to my strategy, or my fully automated algo places order automatically, it will get executed in all my clients accounts.

How exactly this is done, i’m not sure yet and still searching. There are a few companies which provide this service. i came across one call quantindia or something.

hello, i’m looking for the same. Did you found any solution? please mail me at [email protected]