Trading challenge

I won the 60 day challenge.
Has anyone won it ?
If yes how many times?


Excellent that you have won it please continue on. It doesn’t matter how many times one wins it, what matters the most is, HOW MUCH does one make in the process and how many times one could repeat that in the future with better returns. :wink:

FYI, I have won it 8 times, lost 12 times. 9 of these challenges are worthless since profit/loss are below 1K mark as they are either in commodity or currency (Not serious is either segment, more of an indulgence). 6 of the rest are in the range of around 3k mark with charges almost 1/4 that of profits/loss. 3 of the other are a bit significant but charges almost half of profit/loss. While rest of the challenges are quite worthwhile with quite significant profit and loss. And my largest win is twice that of my largest loss. :joy:


Thanks Gautam

Mine has been 300k+…only cnc